Film & Video

Teresa- Inanna

Art video by Liliana Kleiner, (6:50 min) created for the exhibit “Teresa de Avila ” – Spain/Berlin, 2015, with original music by Ruth Wieder Magan and Mark Eliyahu.
Inspired by past manifestations of the spiritual feminine in history, this piece shows the feminine archetype in the world, celebrating feminine spirituality as the union of Spirit with Matter.
Teresa de Avila, the spanish saint from the 16th century was a mystic, social reformer, philosopher and feminist pioneer, who united in her life the spiritual and social worlds from a feminist perspective.
Inanna was the last existing female faith in the middle east , 5 thousand years ago, before the rising of the “religions of the book” and the creation of the patriarchal world order. Inanna’s creed believed in the integration of the 3 worlds: heaven, earth and underworld and in the creation of wholeness through harmony between opposites (male and female, sacred and profane, spirit and matter).
Both Teresa and Inanna are manifestations of a feminine spirituality that brings wholeness to our world.

Jerusalem Portrait

Art video by Liliana Kleiner, (3:50 min) created for the exhibit “Dispersed All Over the World, Jewish Women Artists”, Berlin, 2011, with original music by Itai Froumin.
Art brings Spirit into Form : the video shows the process of creating art, through the transformations of a single self portrait and its related art pieces.

Tango d’Amour

A silent art film by Liliana Kleiner (B&W, 16mm, 30min.) with English/ French text and music, Montreal, 2005.
The film was inspired by the Greek myth of Psyche and Amor and recounts the meeting of Psyche/ Alma (the human Soul), with Amor/ Love. Image, dance and original music blend together weaving a story full of sensuality and humour. The film is also a poetic commentary on patriarchal society, institutionalized religions and gender roles.


A silent art film, by Liliana Kleiner (Colour, 16mm, 18min.), with original music and narration in three languages; English, Hebrew and Spanish, Montreal, 1993.
Lilith in hebrew mythology and mystical Kabalah, is the first Eve ; she was created equally with Adam and together put in Paradise, but she refused to obey Adam and choosing her freedom escaped from Eden . This film tells the story of a “contemporary Lilith” as she encounters a modern city, and her struggle to survive in todays society.
Lilith archetype symbolizes mother earth, particularly wild undomesticated nature, as well as female instinct and power, free spirit and creativity.

The Jungian individuation path is illustrated and explained using my own life work with Art , Dreams and Synchronicities.
“You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is , so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.
The ultimate adventure is to discover for certain who we are, what the universe is, and what is the significance of the brief drama of life and death we play out against the backdrop of eternity.
A lecture organized and interview by Leah Taylor , given to the Jungian society of Comox, BC, Canada, April 2023.