Liliana Kleiner, PhD in Clinical Psychology, dove into Jungian theory and therapy and learned the art of dream interpretation while living in Montreal.

Born in Argentina, raised in Israel, moved to Montreal in her 20’s and to the West Coast in her 40’s, Kleiner is a true world citizen who integrates various cultures and languages into her daily life. Her experience of living close to the land and among Latin America’s natives taught her the beauty of living simple and the feeling of mother nature as our true home. Working in cosmopolitan Jerusalem she learned about living in a complex human society while keeping an individual path. Making films in Montreal exposed her to the joys and challenges of creating in a community of spirited individuals. Building a home in west coast Canada, putting roots in wild nature, created in her a sense of integration and union. These life lessons allow her to develop the eagle eye perspective necessary to see and understand first hand the individual against the background of the social-cultural codes, how our individual mythologies affect us throughout our lives interacting with our personal and collective unconscious.

For over 30 years Kleiner has worked in therapy with individuals, couples and groups, specializing in dream work. She started her practice after receiving her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. Through the years she developed her own dream interpretation techniques based on Jungian analysis, her experience with native cultures and her own developed intuition and ideas. While living in Jerusalem, after working primarily with individuals for over 20 years, she created a unique approach to dream group workshops, and continues to offer these workshops in Mexico Canada and Israel.

In her travels and work she noticed again and again how people from different cultures have similar dream patterns and symbols, making for a ‘common unconscious language’ stored in us. We all dream about the sea, about flying or being chased, regardless of our culture and geography we share from birth an ‘archetypal psychology’ in Jungian terms. This exposure to working with people’s psyches in different cultures was her best guide concerning the workings of the ‘collective unconscious’, our human psychic roots. At the same time she noticed the originality of each human life, the special ways in which each person develops in their own family-culture, the ‘diversity in wholeness’.

For Kleiner ‘a dream not interpreted is like a letter that is not opened’, which is an old Talmudic saying. She believes that dreams carry the voice of the individual ‘Self’, or spirit and consciousness, guiding us in our journey to self-knowledge and self-realization. Dreams show us our inner friends and enemies, inform us about our fears and loves, address our conflicts and guide us towards resolutions. They are the ‘x-rays’ of our inner world expressing the unique voice and condition of our hearts and souls. Dream work as a spiritual path connects us with our unique inner voice, deepens our creativity in all its forms, making our life the major work of art we will ever have.

In her work, Kleiner teaches how to listen to dream messages from the collective and personal unconscious, working as a guide to restore balance in life, towards integration and fulfillment. Dreams respond to conscious ego attitudes which have become one-sided and in need of harmony between opposites such as male-female, introversion-extroversion, thinking-feeling, inner self-social persona. We dream regularly and we can learn techniques to help remember our dreams. Any dream, big or small, will throw light on our blind spots, helping with actual conflicts as well as with symptoms of depression and anxiety, and in extreme cases, dreams can save lives.

Kleiner works in private practice, offering therapy sessions for individuals and couples, as well as dream group workshops. She is fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

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