Woodcuts printed on handmade paper from organic materials
Lilith is the She- Demon, documented in Hebrew and Middle Eastern mythologies. Through the ages and until our times, Lilith appears as a notorious night demoness, feared for her wild sexuality and social disobedience.
Talmudic writings from the 10th century tell her story: Lilith was Adam’s first wife, they were created equally from the earth and placed in the garden of Eden. However; they did not find happiness together since Adam demanded Lilith to obey him and lie beneath him, to that Lilith responded: Why should I lie beneath you when i am your equal since both of us were created from dust? When Lilith saw that Adam was determined to overpower her, she uttered the magic Name of God, rose into the air and flew away to the Red Sea, a place where demons dwelled, where she made her home.
After this failed attempt at creating a wife for Adam, God created the second wife, Eve, this time from Adam’s rib, so that she would behave properly.
From antiquity to the age of enlightenment, Lilith accompanies Mankind, as a projection of Patriarchal consciousness, incarnating man’s desires and worst fears towards women and wild Nature. She is the femme fatale, the whore, the queer, the fallen one.
In the Light, Lilith is the independent female, the free-spirited intellectual and sexual woman who demands freedom of expression and equality in all matters and as such she embodies a serious threat to societies based on the domestication of women and Nature.


Developed in collaboration with Yair Medina, Jerusalem Fine Art Prints
The calligraphy was made by Shlomo Ochayon z”l (2009)

The song of songs- “Shir Hashirim”- the scroll “Song of Songs” is one of five scrolls in the Bible. It is thought to be written by King Solomon. Traditionally this text is understood as an allegory for the relationship between the creator and his beloved creation.
These images of the light rise from the roots of the soul that knows love, loss, and beyond. They “sing” our human longing to unite with the Divine, as we feel it when we fall in love with a person, when we become one with the beauty and mystery in nature, or when we simply feel the creator in us.
While working on the Art i imagined it in the seed of the plant that dreams the flower, in the essence of the cocoon that transforms into the butterfly, in the sacrifice of the tree that creates the fire, in the breath of the woman, the kiss of the bird, the eyes of the beloved, the touch of the wind, in the union of heart with mind.
The ultimate song is always a love song to the miracle of life and death and transcendence.