Visual artist, filmmaker, theorist and Jungian therapist Liliana Kleiner was born in Argentina, raised in Israel and is now based in British Columbia, Canada. Kleiner has a Ph.D from Queen’s University, Canada and an MFA from Haifa University, Israel.

Her multidisciplinary work bridges between cultures and continents, transcending stereotypical borders and labels, expressing her vision of a world culture as a cosmic wholeness embracing mother nature and all life as sacred.

A world-renowned multimedia artist, Kleiner renders the spirit of place and time in mediums from oil to ink, woodcuts to handmade paper, art books, films, videos, and performances. Her art has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the western world and can be found in private collections in Canada, Israel, Latin America, Europe and USA.

In 1985, while studying Jungian psychology, Kleiner began her life research of ancient mythology, focusing on female myths, working in depth with the archetypes of “Psyche” the Greek Goddess, “Lilith” the Hebrew Demoness and “Inanna” the Sumerian Queen Goddess. Her work ranges from live performances: “Psyche and Lilith” (Montreal 1989), “Inanna”, (Mexico 2008, Jerusalem 2011, Berlin 2015); to films: “Lilith and the Tree” (Montreal 1993),”Tango d’Amour”, based on the myth of Psyche and Amor (Montreal 2005), and to art books: “The Song of Lilith” (Jerusalem 2008).

Her interest in the spiritual feminine has brought her to participate in unique art endeavors around the world, concerning women, the arts and spirituality. In 2015 she participated in “Women of the Book, Jewish women artists recording, reflecting and revisioning the Torah” (Jerusalem), and in “Teresa of Avila – Mysticism and Transgression”, a project commemorating the famous Spanish nun, mystic and feminist scholar from the 16th century (Spain and Berlin).

Over the span of 30 years she has created a rich variety of art works inspired by these archetypal energies and presented these myths in lectures and workshops in multiple countries.

Parallel to her career in the arts Kleiner has worked as a therapist and dream analyst in private practice since graduating with a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. As a scholar, teacher, therapist and dream analyst Kleiner participated in numerous forums sharing her vision in a variety of locations ranging from universities and colleges in Montreal, Vancouver and Jerusalem; Jungian societies in Victoria and Buenos Aires; to community centres and public galleries in Mexico, Canada and Israel.

Kleiner is also an experienced dancer and in 1995 she created the first Argentine Tango school in western Canada, teaching her original approach to the traditional tango. She challenged the rigid gender roles of lead and follow, offering a model of physical and psychological exploration that taught each individual to embrace both roles, sharing her feminist philosophy of life through dance.

In 2011-2013, she curated and directed the only women gallery in Israel at Kol Ha-Isha, Jerusalem, connected to a nonprofit organization promoting women voices from Israel and Palestine.

Kleiner’s work celebrates the free spirit of the human and natural worlds, integrating present day topographies with historical diasporas and ancient mythologies. As an artist and a dream analyst, she has been called ‘a contemporary alchemist’.