“The SONG of INANNA”  recounts the original ancient myth of the Goddess Inanna, from 6000 years ago, and presents a Jungian Feminist analysis of it, relevant to modern times. The book includes a collection of my original artwork inspired by her stories. 

Published in Jerusalem, November 2017, by Jerusalem Fine Art Prints Ltd.
A segment from the Introduction:
“This book was inspired by the ancient stories of Inanna, the great Sumerian Goddess of love and war, later known as Ishtar in Akkad and Anat in Canaan, who played a central role in the religions and popular consciousness of all ancient Middle Eastern people. Inanna’s stories were written on clay about 6 thousand years ago, found in Iraq in the last century andtranslated into English. They were written before the Bible, the Koran and the Greek myths, at a critical time in the history of civilization when Goddess spirituality and matriarchal societies were eradicated by patriarchal monotheism.

My images and ideas encircling Inanna’s mythology are the fruits of a decade of intense research and personal explorations of this remarkable eye-opening legacy that has been mostly buried and denied in modern history.

Her ancient wisdom is likely to revive feelings and insights that are buried deep in our collective unconscious for generations, opening new doors of perceptions into a consciousness of wholeness, embracing the rejected Sacred Feminine in its Totality, and participation with all life on Earth”.